Data Maturity

Kenya Counties Data Maturity Survey Report

This comparative research was commissioned by the Open Institute  and undertaken by Qhala Limited.

We acknowledge the county governments of Mandera, Nakuru, Nandi, Samburu, Turkana, West Pokot, Makueni & Nairobi for dedicating time to be interviewed by Qhala for this assessment.

About Data Maturity

Data maturity is a measure of how effectively an organisation collects, manages and uses data for its operations and beyond. A data maturity model allows an institution to assess their data practices and identify areas for improvement to work towards the next level of the model. 


The main objective of the maturity assessment is to explain the key enablers whose presence or absence
and the lack of maturity thereof explains a deficiency in the overall data quality.

To measure the level of data maturity in eight Kenyan counties

To develop a standardised data maturity assessment toolkit that all county governments can use to measure their own level of data maturity

To provide county governments with data that can be leveraged in partnerships for resources to improve data infrastructure

To understand the challenges and limitations that prevent county governments from collecting, using and sharing data in their operations

To understand the ways in which county governments can be supported to work towards higher levels of data maturity

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The survey aimed to assess the level of data maturity in selected county governments and develop a tool for self-assessment by county governments. Department heads from governance, health, agriculture, and education sectors in eight counties participated in the survey through digital questionnaires. The questionnaire included questions about data quality, availability, and the reasons behind the current data maturity levels.